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PdfGrabber Professional Portable
zteozprozDate: Wednesday, 10 Feb 2010, 13:38 | Message # 1

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PdfGrabber Professional Portable | 35.1 Mb
Convert PDF documents quickly and easily into all key formats. Use the original fonts embedded in the PDF for even closer adherence to the original layout. Use the content editor to select which part of the PDF is to be exported, or convert the whole PDF. Remote control via command line, monitored folders and COM interface make daily tasks easier. Network licenses allow simultaneous export of PDFs for multiple users in a network. Decide whether images are to be exported, or convert the whole PDF into an image.[cut]
This version is geared toward professional users who have to export PDF files frequently. The additional features offered by this version include the output formats DXF/AutoCAD (with PDF layer support), PowerPoint and XML, the ability to export several PDF files simultaneously and the option of remote control via the command line or ‘Monitored Folder’ function.


PDF to Word/RTF Export (.rtf, .doc)
• Recognition and insertion of real tables
• Output as Word 2003 XML
• New output profile with structural analysis: ‘Universal’
• NEW: Output profile “Text recognition with OCR”
• Real Word tables
• Paragraph-based output
• Output of form fields and comments
• Office 2007 Support
• Flow text
• Tabulator layout
• Text fields layout
• multi-column layout
• Compatibility mode (MS Word, OpenOffice, WordPad)
• Option: Superscript/subscript
• Option: Black and white
• Option: Graphic display of lines
• Option: Embed TrueType fonts
• Option: Form field contents
• Option: Hyperlinks
• Option: Images (quality: maximum, high, average, low)
• Improved Output Quality
• Warning with oversized PDFs and scaling to maximum Word size.

PDF to Text (ASCII) Export (.txt)
• Unicode support
• Flow text
• Space character layout
• Option: Form field contents
• Option: Definable number of characters per line and page

PDF to Excel (.xls)
• Recognition of real tables and insertion of text and graphics outside cells
• New output profile with structural analysis: ‘Universal’
• Office 2007 Support
• Improved output quality
• Excel
• rotating text
• Special functions for reconstructing tables and cell formats
• Higher layout parity
• Improved facilities for calculating
• Option: Output of several PDF pages to an Excel spreadsheet
• Option: Output of tables only with ‘Output to a spreadsheet’
• Option: Black and white
• Option: Images
• Option: Form field contents
• Option: Pre-selection of output quality

PDF to Image Export
• Selectable compression format (including Group 4 FAX, Adobe Flate, LZW, JPG)
• BMP: selectable colour depth
• Entire PDF as (a) Tiff, e.g. for archiving purposes
• Output of an entire PDF page as an image
• Tiff, Jpeg, Bitmap, PNG, PSD
• NEW: – Output in EMF (Windows Enhanced Metafile) vector format
• Option: Grey levels
• Option: Export lines and vectors as images
• Option: Group adjacent images into a single image
• Option: Scaling (1-100%)
• Option: Image resolution Tiff (72 – 1200 dpi)

PDF to PowerPoint Export
• NEW: Real curves
• Creation of native PowerPoint presentation files (.ppt – 97-2003): PowerPoint does not need to be installed
• Font embedding
• Compatible with OpenOffice Impress
• Hyperlinks, both internal and external
• Extraction of interactive content, sound and video
• MS Powerpoint
• Option: Black and white
• Option: Images
• Option: Export lines and vectors as images
• Option: Embed TrueType fonts
• Option: Quality of cam elements (high, middle, low)
• Option: Save as a presentation (.ppt), template (.pot), Pack & Go presentation (.pps)

PDF to DXF (AutoCAD) Export
• Insertion of DXF curve elements, line, rectangle and circle
• Real fills (hatches)
• Compatible with AutoCAD R15 Standard
• Compatible with AutoCAD version 2004 and above
• Output of real curves
• Image Output
• PDF layer support (copy from PDF)
• Option: Black and white
• Option: Texts
• Option: Fonts
• Option: Use CAD fonts
• Option: Create layer
• Option: Hatching and fill colors
• Option: Cam element quality (maximum, high, average, low)

PDF to XML Export
• Image Output
• Output of image information
• Encoding: UTF-8 or ISO 8859-1
• Option: Text output as ‘word’ or ’sentences’
• NEW: Extraction of XMP metadata

NEW: PDF to HTML Export
• HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0 with CSS 2.0
• Page preview with preview images
• Font embedding for Internet Explorer (Embedded Open Type EOT). Alternative font is set automatically
• NEW: Font embedding for Mozilla Firefox
• Hyperlinks
• Selectable image format
• Output of interactive content (Flash)

NEW: PDF Printer
• NEW: PDF printer now also included in Home version
• NEW: Windows 7 support
• NEW: 64-bit Windows support
• NEW: Office support (bookmarks, tables of contents etc.)
• NEW: Microsoft Office integration (MS Office 2000 and above)
• NEW: Visio support
• NEW: Microsoft Publisher support
• NEW: Hyperlinks are automatically converted into PDF links
• NEW: PDF/A compatibility (for archiving purposes)
• NEW: PDF/X compatibility (pre-press)
• Creating PDF using a context menu via the right mouse button directly from Windows Explorer (for well-known file types with registered print function)
• Creation of PDF documents from any application using a printer driver
• Reconversion of exported documents to PDF format

Genral Features
• NEW: Windows 7 support
• NEW: 64-bit Windows support
• NEW: Zip&email – send exported documents via email for further processing, including all necessary files (fonts etc.)
• Improved output quality
• New universal document analysis for maximum adherence to the original layout and supreme ease of editing
• Extraction of PDF portfolios (Acrobat 9 Portable Collections)
• Built-in OCR for conversion of scanned documents
• Analysis of document structure for greater ease of editing
• Windows Vista Support
• Improved User Interface
• Optimized speed
• Text recognition (OCR) from scanned documents (text only; Microsoft Office 2003 or later)
• Improved interface (direct access to page ranges)
• Automatic recognition of rotated pages
• Improved interface (direct access to page ranges)
• Password administration for opening protected documents
• Lower memory consumption through swap files (large documents)
• Switchable multilingual interface (German, English, French)
• Reports: Log file, installed types

The following minimum requirements must be met in order to use the PdfGrabber software:
• Windows 95b, 98, NT 4.0 (SP 4), 2000, ME, XP, 2003, Vista or Windows 7
• IBM-compatible PC
• Pentium 266 MHz or corresponding processor (Pentium III recommended)
• 128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)
• 50 MB free space on hard disk
• OCR function: Microsoft Office 2003 or later (optional)
• Microsoft Office integration: Microsoft Office 2000 and above (optional)
• Microsoft Document Imaging support (OCR): Microsoft Office 2003 and above (optional)
• PowerPoint output: to achieve the best possible results, PowerPoint 2000 or later must be installed
• PDF printer: available for Windows 2000 and above
• Explorer integration only under 32-bit Windows
• Office integration only under 32-bit Windows

Download Link :





Please Thank The Posters.

oliveradib811Date: Monday, 02 Feb 2015, 17:56 | Message # 2

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use printer setting print on your computer print preview check the property of printer use wireless portable printing device to use portable printing of document.

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