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Forum » Software » Windows » Fix for Windows 7 v4.0
Fix for Windows 7 v4.0
kratosDate: Thursday, 14 Jan 2010, 12:57 | Message # 1

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Description: Fix for Windows 7 MULTILANG – It is recommended to establish the given fixes only on freshen system, in order to avoid problems of compatibility with the established programs and corrections! All out-of-date fixes correcting problems in assemblages to 7100 have been removed from the given assemblage. You can find all remote fixes in Fix for Windows 7 v.3.5 the Program is compatible to all assemblages Windows 7 x86 and x64!!!! The majority of corrections is applied only after computer reboot!!!

Boot Speed:
- Boot Optimize (xalex) – Optimize system files at boot time (default is off). Performing necessary, in a few days (after optimization) is accelerated to boot.
- Scandisk (xalex) – Reduce the time to start the disk check at system startup (Scandisk) to 5 seconds. By default, 10 seconds.
- Prefetch (xalex) – Cache files at boot time (optimal). By default, everything is cached.
- Fix for RU lang (decepticon_bot and xalex) – Fixes a problem with the encoding, converts the Cancel button, Apply, and solves problems with the launch of help.
- Hide Blur (Angel of Despair) – Disable blyura in the windows (in the style of Aero). Works only in assemblies comprising the main development branch winmain!
- Aero Shake (Angel of Despair) – Disabling Aero Shake (feature that lets you close all inactive applications by mouse movement. For its activation is sufficient to capture the title bar and a little “shake” left-right).
- Hover Time speed (Kuzya Marinin) – Accelerating the opening menus and windows preview applications.
- Thumbnail Cache (xalex) – Disable caching of images (thumbnails).
- No Shortcut (xalex) – Do not add “Shortcut to …” when creating new shortcuts.
- Disk Space Check (xalex) – Disable checking free disk space (will not be yelling “little space on the disk!”).
- Auto Restart Shell (xalex) – Avtoperezapusk conductor on error.
- Screen Rotator (luke_smily_face) – A small program that will change the logon screen each time you start the system to a new image.
- No Arrow (loginvovchyk) – Removes the arrows on shortcuts.
- Logon Changer – Changes the background of the login.
- Theme Patcher (deepxw) – Allows the use of unsigned third-party Theme Windows.
- Watermark off (deepxw) – Removes the inscription in the lower right corner of the desktop.
- WMP12 Changer – Allows you to change the background image of Windows Media Player 12 in the mode library.
- Icon Streams clear (Kuzya Marinin) – Remove obsolete elements in the system tray.
- Ctfmon fix (Kuzya Marinin) – Restore the Language bar.
System speed:
- Last Access (xalex) – Start recording the last access to the files (default off). Need to see the last time they access the file.
- Dr. Watson Disable (xalex) – Disable kernel debugger Dr.Watson. Frees system resources, slightly faster system performance.
- IRQ8 Priority (xalex) – Increase the priority of interrupts IRQ8 (increases the speed of the system).
- Large System Cache (xalex) – Streamline (increase) system cache. Include only if volume more than 1GB of memory!
- Paging Executive (xalex) – Leaving the system kernel in memory (not to throw in the paging file is disabled by default). Speeds up the system, reduces the number of disk accesses.
- Hiber off (Kuzya Marinin) – Turn off hibernation, thus osvabozhdaet on the hard drive up to 2 GB.
- UAC off (Kuzya Marinin) – Disabling UAC (User Account Control) without having to reboot.
- No Report (xalex) – Do not send to Microsoft error reporting.
- Up and Download (xalex) – Accelerate Download and Upload. It speeds up the network and the Internet (especially on high-speed connections).
- Disable IPv6 (xalex) – Disabling protocol IPv6. It can speed up the network and the Internet.
- DisableTeredo (xalex) – Disable proxy Teredo. It can speed up the network and the Internet.
- Half-open limit fix – designed to change the maximum number of concurrent half-open connections in the system file tcpip.sys.
- Connect Fix (xalex) – Program for Internet connection (solves the problem with the login and password for Internet connection)
- LanLight for Win7 (7sh3) – The program for those who lack an indicator of network activity in the system tray a la XP. It only works if the system is installed on drive C.
- Termsrv.dll Patch (deepxw) – Allows to run two or more remote desktops.
- Disable DEP (xalex) – Function DEP is disabled for the entire system, regardless of hardware support for DEP. Can prevent departures in BSOD (blue screen of death).
- Super Hidden (xalex) – Show hidden files.
- Fix for games (xalex) – Allows you to install games require SP1, SP2 or SP3.
- Touch Fix (Angel of Despair) – Builds brencha Windows 7 RC was discovered defect, which was not corrected in the final RC. Multi-touch after certain actions quits. Restoration work took place only after a reboot. We recommend that you install this fix to resolve this problem. News for all builds of Windows 7 RC, since 7070.
- Aero CMD (Komalo) – Makes the command prompt window (CMD) “Fiberglass”.
- Aero PowerShell (CompuGeek Software) – Makes the window PowerShell “Fiberglass”.
- Become owner – Allows you to become the owner and ask the full access to the object.
- Empty folder (Domovou) – Allows you to delete all the contents of the folder.
- WMP x64 Fix (Kristan Kenney) – Makes WMP x64 in Windows 7 x64 player by default.
- Taskbar Jumplist (Hedgehog) – Allows you to create your own dzhamplisty with any content on superbare.
- Windows Mail (Microsoft, finalized Kuzya Marinin) – Allows you to run Windows Mail in Windows 7.
- Windows Calendar (Microsoft, finalized Kuzya Marinin) – Calendar from the Windows Vista, fully working in Windows 7.
- W7Mount (xalex) – The program for the integration of language packs in the distribution of Windows 7. More here.
- VHDMount (???) – Allows you to connect and disconnect virtual VHD-drives.
- WST Place Fan (Kuzya Marinin) – Allows you to quickly jump to the site through the context menu.
- Slmgr.vbs (Microsoft, finalized xalex and Kuzya Marinin) – A set of commands to extend the trial period of Windows 7. You can use only 3 times.
- VirusTotal Uploader – Allows you to send files to a known resource using the context menu when you click “Send”. You can send a suspicious file for review, 41 anti-virus and get a full report on the results of verification.
- SFC Scan (Angel of Despair) – Starts the test maintain the integrity of system files and possibly correct the corrupted or modified files.
- Stupid activator v.1.0.1 (Stupid user Ru-board) – Emulate OEM SLIC marker through the boot of Windows 7 – bootmgr (only for Window 7 Ultimate x86 – x64).
- AktKMS v.2 (xalex) – Utility for activating volume editions of Windows 7, through the CCM server.
On comp time must coincide with the time MMR server (where indicated, Greenwich)!
1) Select the Editor
2) Select IMR server
3) Set the key (button 1)
4) Sedin server (button 2)
5) Enable (button 3)
6) Check the status of the activation button 4 (works on any version of Windows).
Slmgr.vbs (Microsoft, finalized xalex and Kuzya Marinin) – A set of commands to extend the trial period of Windows 7. Reset can be used only 3 times.
Release Notes:
- RC Release Notes (Microsoft) – The official list of problems and bugs in Windows 7 RC and methods for their removal (English).
- Super-Admin – Instructions for obtaining the rights of a super-administrator.
- VHD to ISO (Lexodey) – How to Create ISO-image of Windows 7 VHD-file.
Full support for Windows 7 build 7600.
Added module automatically checks for new versions of the product.
Added module “RunWga 2.1?.
Added module “Disable Libraries”.
Added module “SmartClick”.
Added module “Windows 7 Loader”.
Added module “Aero Controller”.
Added module “VirtualPC Install”.
Added module “VirtualPC Releasenote”.
- Module “Hide Blur”.
- Module “Connect Fix”.
- Module “Windows Mail”.
- Module “RC Release Notes”.
- Module “Stupid act * vator v.1.0.1?.
- Module “Half-open limit Fix”.
Changed interface.
Fixed module “No Arrow”.
Fixed module “Flip3D”.
Fixed module “Logon Changer”.
Fixed module “W7Mount”.
Fixed bugs in the program.
Fixed bugs and typos in the Help

Size : 8.7 MB

Forum » Software » Windows » Fix for Windows 7 v4.0
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