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Forum » Katzy Information » Tips and Tricks Today » Tips for cooling computer
Tips for cooling computer
kratosDate: Wednesday, 15 Sep 2010, 16:36 | Message # 1

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Cooling, better understand to optimize. The centerpiece of the stability of your system, cooling is sometimes misunderstood and neglected .

Small reminder and some basic formats :

As you know your computer is composed of different cards and calculation units as processor, which are themselves composed of million transistors. When all these people went to work in addition to the results obtained performance is also reflected high heat that emerges from all equipment operating.
The overheating of the elements of your PC can be short or long term responsible for thewear your equipment and in extreme cases the "grilling".

Further components include processors (CPU) and graphics processing units ( GPU ) ever- increasing performance and release heat grows more and more accordingly. The overclocking results also excess heat the initial thermal value and there, without adequate cooling, the barbecue is provided. To overcome these outbreaks emerging in the heart of our CPUs, the concept of format was introduced early in the computer world:

To facilitate cooling and in particular improving transition airflow by the position of Fans and components , cases have changed over the decades of format: the most common today is the ATX form factor that comes in several sub - formats: Micro - ATX (or MicroATX form factor , reduced size of ATX -based the same architecture ) by example!
However, a new format is expected to take over: BTX . Let us hope that this format will further enhance the provision of components and a better distribution of heat .

How about the temperature?

Well not with a thermometer ! Most of your components ( CPU , Graphics Card , Hard, Motherboard) feature of a temperature sensor integrated. It is also possible to purchase additional sensors on the market. The information collected can be accessed via software monitoring showing the temperatures achieved , among them include SpeedFan or Everest . Or via BIOS to display the CPU temperature .

View temperatures in SpeedFan :

Run SpeedFan , temperatures are displayed on the first page . However you can follow the evolution of these temperatures through curves for this click on the tab "CHARTS". Select by checking the temperatures you want to monitor.

Note that the SpeedFan software permits you to control your fans the same way as rehobus .

View temperatures in Everest

Launch Everest, select the menu "computer" Then "prob". Wait a few seconds for the probes calculate values .

The critical temperatures :

To give you an idea of what really reflects the temperature readings we see the values not to exceed. These values are given as illustrative of which may vary depending on the technology component of the system as "Cool & Quiet " AMD.

In Activity (Full)

Processor 60 ° C ( some series processor as Pentium 4 Prescott heat much more than their counterparts)

Motherboard : 55 ° C

Graphics card : 70 ° C (The new graphics cards including NVIDIA 6XXX series become hot )

Hard Disk : 50 ° C

Note that if temperatures are displayed seem impossible to you that you do not see a physical release caloric Therefore , in this case it is possible that your sensor is defective ...

We will see the main actors and types of cooling ( also called cooling ) and decipher their major flaws and qualities. For convenience we will cut all cooling techniques in 3 broad categories:
The Air Cooling
The Fanless System
Water cooling
We found a constant in all these systems: thermo - conductive composed of ceramic or silver linking the cooling block and the component.


1 - AirCooling

Presentation :

The cooling system as widespread on PC. The Air Cooling uses airflow created by fans for cooling radiators “dissipating "the heat of the components. This' Cooler (Fan / Heater) is found on graphics cards, processors sometimes even hard disk. The fan speed varies with the voltage that is applied to the motor (often a system of ball bearings) .


Inexpensive, this system provides a report " Performance / Price " attractive and within the limits of a moderate fan use mid-range will be ample case. Moreover, it is certainly the cooling system on less bulky and can be adapted in all types of cases as well as mini PCs Servers.


The Air cooling victim of its own principle: the fans are the cause of most of the drawbacks of this system. They tend to be noisy home and throughout their fouling associated with the dust they can quickly become unbearable because of their extra decibels. To avoid these nuisances, coolers require regular maintenance to keep fairly good performance.


- Clean regularly the blades of the fan and all the radiator fins to prevent the accumulation of dust which reduces the cooling power.
- Connect with your fans potentiometers or réhobus order to control their speed and power and regulate noise pollution
- In the optimization of movement of air flow, storing cables is very important not to interfere with these flows and fans: therefore prefer round cables in large sheets and attach them so they are caught in the blades of different fans.
- Place your fans by heat sources while taking care to always be able to extract the hot air blown above inside the tower.


The system Aircooling right for you as part of a Moderate Use your computer without overclocking . It offers a wide range of products, however, not to be mistaken in his choice to see the conclusion about the system for Fan Less heatsink choice . For the fan is either already fixed on the radiator or sold separately . If you have the space needed obviously prefer a diameter of 12 cm , the standard norm is 8cm . (There is an intermediate diameter of 9.2 cm ). Also make sure the cooler is compatible with your socket . A socket 754 cooler will of course not adaptable to a 775 !

2 - The Fanless System

Presentation :

The system says Fanless draws on the reverse of the AirCooling : it uses no fans To overcome this deficiency there are always radiators but the size has increased considerably and the heat exchange technology has evolved. Strongly copper ( better thermal conductivity than aluminum ), they have advanced technology found on high-end cooler as the heat pipes. It is mainly the latter which has greatly enhanced fanless cooling : it is a tube filled with a liquid highly heat to channel , evaporative heat pipes , the faster the heat of the base touching the processor remains radiator .
The operation of a technology called heat pipes :


Entirely silentThis system is perfect for a room or facility for those who would do an allergic reaction to noise . The design of some radiators being very successful can bring a touch of beauty for lovers of tuning !


Efficient cooling for Moderate Use that will not use processor intensive , however strongly discouraged developing new processors for high caloric load. The system is proving very expensive including the purchase of a fanless power supply which will cost around 350 dollars!


- Clean the radiator fins to remove dust .
- Choose a good thermal paste , the lack of fan as auxiliary cooling system will increase tenfold its usefulness .
- Polish the base of the radiator can save you valuable degrees .
- Do not add heat sources such as neon .
- It is wise to invest in a well ventilated case with many holes to not confine the hot air.
- There are special boxes worn on the silence as the " Sonata " Antec .
- Consider installing radiators on your bars Ram memory chips to keep your cool !


A full-fledged system , which will deliver its full value if you are in search of silence. The price of a completely fanless system in more than a deterrent especially in view of the cooling performance all trivial sum . But as the saying goes : the silence is priceless ! But before choosing your radiator , prefer a composed entirely of copper with technology Heatpipe. This is also valid for the radiator system AirCooling .


3 – Water cooling

Presentation :

System ultimate Cooling preferred by overclockers and enthusiasts of extreme performance . Like its name implies the system uses water as a vector of cooling. Powered by a pump to cool it comes basic copper waterblock attached to the GPU or CPU. The waterblock is dug microchannel guiding water.
There are also waterblock for ram array or for drives and the Chipset Controllers (audio /video) . This system provides temperatures showing 15 degrees less than the best performing coolers .

A complete kit consists of watercooling :
A Pump
One or more waterblock
A reservoir
A heatsink + fan for cooling water.
A set of pipes to circulate course water .
A coolant : distilled water, coolant for cars, additives ...
On aesthetic undeniableIt can be as beautiful as expensive.
There are 2 types of water cooling :

The system - coins per coin , with pump, radiator, reservoir separated . This system can be quite large but is very flexible. Most often buy spare parts , it is also present as complete kits for beginners. System "while 1 " , included in a single block , all elements is outside the CPU or in bays for optical drives . This set is perfect for beginners who do not have to worry about the compatibility of components including the diameter of the pipe.
Note that there are boxes with integrated watercooling solution directly , but they remain relatively expensive compared with conventional water cooling systems . Allow about $ 500 minimum.


Really impressive cooling performance .
Coupled with a silent pump , it becomes inaudible .
Wide variety of products and solutions .
Aesthetics successful and original

Price repellent
Bulky in some cases .
- Polish the copper base of the waterblock for better performance.
- Prefer to large diameter pipes ( 10mm) to improve the flow of water.
- Remember to maintain your watercooling system with liquid anti -algae and anti -corrosion .
- Use modular radiators to help tailor the number of cooling blocks for your use and a place you have ( like the radiator Alphacool Cape Cora ) .


Featuring outstanding performance this system is also one of the most expensive although complete water cooling kits are around 160 $ on the market. In parts , the performance increase with the final addition. So the system has focused on the condition that you really have the utility failing to prompt a bitter feeling of having put a little money in the air!

djmbexDate: Friday, 17 Sep 2010, 11:43 | Message # 2

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Nice info
Forum » Katzy Information » Tips and Tricks Today » Tips for cooling computer
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